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The construction of the Taipei riverside bikeways began in earnest in 2002. The Taipei City Cycling Loop Route was implemented in 2012 to connect the riverfront and urban bikeways, and the 112-kilometer-long riverside bikeway network has now been completed. The Hydraulic Engineering Office of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (HEO) is organizing the “Cycling Around Taipei” Riverside Bike Challenge Certification Campaign, with the hope that through the monthly task, the public will be encouraged to learn about the beauty of the riverside bikeways and develop a long-term and sustainable exercise habit.

Event Date:from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024

Eligibility: There are no specific restrictions on participation. Participants are required to have a smartphone with GPS and internet access. Registration should be done exclusively through the Velodash app, and the entire cycling ride must be recorded using the Velodash app to track the route.

Each participant is required to sign up and bind one (1) Velodash account to successfully register to the event.

  1. The first 600 approved participants (arranged in order based on their “ride completion time”) will receive one “Taipei Gorgeous Manhole” limited-edition manhole cover-shaped metal commemorative badge each in sequence. One badge type will be sent out every month. The number of “Challenge Ride” and “Easy Ride” is limited to 600 each, while stocks last.
  2. For the same account, if the individual completes both the “Challenge Ride” and “Easy Ride” mission conditions separately in the same month, they can each receive one commemorative item. The “Challenge Ride” and “Easy Ride” missions will only be verified for the first completed record in the same account for that month. If there are multiple completions in the same month, they cannot exchange for commemorative items again. Additionally, the mileage completed in the “Challenge Ride” event will not be calculated within the “Easy Ride” event.
  3. Those who collect all 12 badges over 12 months will also receive one mystery collectible prize (must be collected in person at Taipei City Hall): link
  4. The Finisher's Souvenir will be sent by registered mail. If you receive an email notification from the organizing committee to provide your prize collection information, please be sure to fill in the relevant details (recipient’s name, mobile phone number, mailing address, etc.) by the notified deadline. If the information is incomplete and not supplemented by the deadline specified by the organizing committee, the said participant will be deemed to have forfeited the eligibility to receive the memorabilia. Mailing is limited to delivery within the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan). If the delivery is returned, it will be considered as forfeiting the eligibility to receive the prize, and reshipping will not be provided.