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Leisure and Relaxation by the Water

The forelands along the riverside were messy and untidy; through cleaning up, dredging, rebuilding and greening, lots of those riverside parks, regardless of their size, become convenient leisure spots for locals. People enjoy a chat with friends, a bike ride with the whole family along the river. Your heart is pampered with borderless flower patches stretching along the clean water.

Sunshine, Riversides, Riverside Parks

With extended city views, indulge yourself by being close to the water, grassy lands, flower patches, rivers, water fountains. However you like to enjoy it, picnic, chat or a stroll. Anything goes, and everything is pleasant. There is scenery appreciation, sports, and family time, and whatever you like to do. Or ride your bike along the river and feel the wind in your hair.

Competition on Riverside Cycling Path

The 111-km long riverside cycling path along Keelung River, Tamsui River and Jingmei River is now connected.
Each sector has its own character and scenery; with individual terrains, waterways, and histories, each riverside park demonstrates specific features and tastes. You are free to ride as much or as long as you like; it is entirely up to you when you would like to start or stop.

Sea of Flowers

Borderless, the broader the more beautiful!
In the densely populated metropolitan, it's not easy to find vast piece of land to turn into a sea of flowers. In autumn, we can see a whole yard full of yellow rape flowers shining underneath the sun; in spring, the orange cosmos, garden cosmos and zinnia try to grab people's attention; even those unattractive tiny flowers can show some visual surprises.
With the sandy soil on forelands, it's hard for seeds to grow and compete against weeds; due to the harsh conditions and tides, seeds are generally swept away. However, whatever survives such conditions must shine, the successful planting along the riverside parks is a demonstration of courage and perseverance.

Popular Riverside Activities

Have you ever envied and complimented how enjoyable it is to sit along the River Seine in Paris and gracefully enjoy your coffee? Did you feel a bit dreary and jealous about it?
Residents in Taipei now may feel no more cheerless!
From south to north all around Taipei, there are more than 20 feature-packed riverside parks to fulfill citizens' leisure needs.
From the scenery to the sunset, exercise, strolls, gourmet food to social gatherings, stressed city dwellers can relax here.

Welcome, Please Enter the Romantic Cottage

From far away, those little wooden cottages on riverside parks really attract your attention! But wait! They are so called 'five-star' public restrooms.
They are stylish and colorful. They are outdoor scenic portable restrooms and they all meet wastewater effluent standards.

Let's play HockeyRide your bike along the river and feel the wind in your hair.
Competition on riverside cycling pathDajia Riverside Park
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