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​Graffiti walls in riverside parks

Graffiti walls

There are eight legal graffiti walls in Taipei City's riverside walls. They are repainted every four months. Citizens of all ages are welcome to demonstrate their painting talent.

Illegal graffiti spoils the city's appearance.

You are welcome to report illegal graffiti to the Taipei City Hotline 1999.

According to the Taipei City Department of Environmental Protection, those engaging in illegal graffiti will be requested to clean up the graffiti according to Article 27, paragraph 2, of the Waste Disposal Act: "The polluting of the ground, pools of water, drainage gutters, walls, beams or pillars, utility poles, trees, roadways, bridges or other fixed structures." In addition, they will be fined between NT$1,200 and NT$6,000 according to Article 50 of the same act without clemency.

Locations of graffiti walls in riverside parks

List of Locations of Flood Control Graffiti Walls

DistrictRiverside ParkLocationArea (m2)
Songshan DistrictYingfengAbout 500m towards upstream Keelung River from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 7.1310
Songshan DistrictGuanshanAbout 20m towards downstream Keelung River from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 5.1450
Zhongshan DistrictMeitiBetween Meiti Sky Café and Meiti bike rental station780
Nangang DistrictChengmei Left BankTowards the Chenggong Bridge from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 3.2120
Wenshan DistrictXizhouFrom Jingmei Evacuation Gate 2360
Wenshan DistrictJingmeiCulvert surface under the Beixin Bridge (Mingyuan Bridge)200
Neihu DistrictChengmei Right BankTowards the Changgong Bridge from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 13.1410

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