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The Taipei City Hydraulic Engineering Office (Taipei HEO) manages 29 riverside parks located in flood-prone areas, making them susceptible to natural disasters such as typhoons and heavy rainfall. With a focus on flood safety, the high bottom phase along the riverbanks mostly consist of monotonous lawns and trees.

To enhance the landscape diversity of riverside parks, the Taipei HEO evaluates the topographical characteristics of each park. It selects suitable locations that are less prone to flooding and offer good visibility. Seasonal flowers, such as the garden cosmos, zinnia, sunflower, etc., are arranged in landscape patterns or scattered using seeding methods to create vast floral displays. This initiative aims to generate multi-layered changes in the urban landscape, enriching the riverside scenery with a rare and beautiful view in the metropolitan area.

Throughout the years, the floral landscapes created along the riverside have received widespread acclaim. The combination of exquisite floral arrangements and the meticulously developed infrastructure of the riverside parks has transformed them into favored locations for weekend family outings, recreational pursuits, wedding photoshoots, and media filming.