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The Largest Pump Track in the Nation Is Right Here in Taipei City: Deputy Mayor Lee Delivers Address Lauding the Charms of the Pump Track

Taiwan’s largest and Taipei City's first “Rainbow Pump Track,” located at the Rainbow Riverside Park in Neihu District, is now open to the public. A cycling and skateboarding event was held today (Aug 6), with Deputy Mayor Lee Shu-Chuan of Taipei City attending and delivering an address. This place will serve as a brand-new public area for citizens to challenge themselves and become a new landmark for sports venues in Taipei City!

According to the Hydraulics Engineering Office of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (HEO), the pump track features a wavy course with various elevations, creating ups and downs in terrain. Riders utilize the track's inclines and turns to generate forward momentum through body movements, rather than relying on the traditional pedaling motion of a regular bicycle. This allows riders to experience a completely distinctive kind of enjoyment from road cycling, making it one of the emerging sports activities becoming popular around the world.

The HEO further noted that the Rainbow Pump Track has a total track length of approximately 1 km, making it the largest pump track facility in Taiwan, and is specifically designed for mountain bikes and BMX bikes. The facility is divided into a 1-on-1 racing track (marked with red and yellow lines) and a practice area (marked with white lines). The asphalt concrete surface of the track makes it suitable for skateboarding or inline skating as well, providing riders ample opportunities to showcase their skills.

In recent years, recreational activities along the riverside in Taipei City have flourished, with well-established venues providing the public with ample opportunities for various sports and leisure activities. Recognizing that the recreational offerings in riverside parks have been relatively limited to plazas and trails, the HEO aimed to introduce areas for different types of activities. After visiting the Pump Track facility at Taoyuan Bianzhou Park and discussions with the “Restore Our Special Parks Action Alliance” and the “Taiwan Parks & Playgrounds for Children by Children (TWPfC),” the HEO decided to establish a Pump Track facility at the Rainbow Riverside Park, providing the public with a more diverse range of riverside activities to choose from.

The construction of the Rainbow Pump Track commenced on September 21, 2022, and was completed on April 21, 2023. Due to the enthusiastic anticipation of both citizens and enthusiasts to experience the newly established facility, the HEO opened the track for public trial rides on June 8, 2023. This venue not only caters to the challenging demands of professional riders but has also gained positive feedback from young children.

The HEO has introduced the Pump Track facility to the riverside park, creating a novel form of physical activity and enhancing the versatile use of riverside space. The HEO also reminds the public that citizens, visitors, and riders entering the facility must wear safety helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads and prioritize safety at all times.