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Prepare for the Flood Season – The Hydraulic Engineering Office has completed the inspection of hydraulic structures

Taipei City has entered the flood season. The Hydraulic Engineering Office, Taipei City Government expressed that to ensure safety during the floods, all the hydraulic structures, such as the embankments along the rivers in Taipei City, have been checked. It is expected that all the constructions are in perfect condition to prevent floods caused by heavy showers. 

The Hydraulic Engineering Office expressed that due to global climate change and extreme weather, downpours may happen from time to time. As the authority of flood prevention, it is its responsibility to mobilize massive human resources to inspect all the hydraulic structures in Taipei City, including all of the embankments with a total length of 111.5 km, 36 evacuation gates (3 flood gates, 1 cross embankment gate, and 13 watertight doors), 88 pumping stations, 423 pump sets, 65 grit chambers (including gate valves), and 1147 gate valves. The pre-flood season inspection has been completed to ensure the proper working of the flood prevention facilities.  

The River Engineering Section pointed out that, it is the typhoon and flood season in Taipei City between May and November. Before the flood season each year, the river and all the water resources construction in the drainage system in the area in charge of the River Engineering Section will be inspected to ensure their proper operation during floods, downpours, and other incidents. 

Mr. Fan, the Chief of the River Engineering Section, expressed that finding the deficiencies of all the hydraulic structures and flood prevention measures in advance allows them to repair and improve them in time to prevent floods when they come during the flood season. To ensure the execution of the regular inspection, the River Engineering Section mobilizes massive human resources and spends a considerable amount of time. If issues are discovered in the structures that may affect the flood prevention functions, the River Engineering Section will repair them before the flood season. Regarding the hydraulic structures inspection and improvement in 2022, the performance is one of the best among the municipalities in the evaluation conducted by the Hydraulic Engineering Office on June 9, 2022. It is a recognition of the performance of Taipei City in flood prevention. 

To safeguard people’s life and property, the Hydraulic Engineering Office mobilizes all of its staff and massive human resources every year to conduct security checks of the pumping stations and hydraulic structures. Aiming to discover problems in advance, it will resolve the issues immediately. Before the coming of typhoons and downpours, all-round preparation will be made. It is hoped that it can allow people to survive each typhoon and downpour and minimize the loss brought by disasters.