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Guizikeng River Improvement Project Demonstration Section Completed – Come and Enjoy the Breathtaking Natural Scenery!

ES! Another river in Taipei has been rehabilitated and is brimming with life ✨




Commencing in November 2022, after 324 days of hard work, we've given the river a brand new look!


🌿#AHomeForPlantLife: The revetment transitioned from “RC” material to “porous masonry,” offering space for plant growth.

🐟#FishCanNowSwimUpstream: Groundsill has shifted from “high barriers” to “multi-tiered masonry,”  which helps slow down the flow, increase aeration, and allows migratory fish to swim upstream

👣#AGreatPlacetoRelaxandUnwind: We also revamped idle spaces to create more leisure areas for the public


Get off at the bus stop with the imagery of plains indigenous tribal houses, take a leisurely stroll along the Guanxi Riverside Trail, pause at the Guanxi Platform, and delight in the gentle flow of water trickling down from the rocks, providing a soothing and healing ambience.


Continue your leisurely walk, observe closely. If you’re lucky, you might spot kingfishers resting in the newly set channels. Alternatively, take the riverside trail and get closer to the Guizikeng River.


Finally, under the comfortable shade of trees, discover stone-cage seats made from discarded materials. Take a brief rest, relishing the picturesque mountainous scenery, then head towards Beitou's Sancengci Park, culminating your weekend short trip with a beautiful ending.


Guizikeng River Demonstration Section Improvement Project

📍 Bus Stop: Guizikeng Soil and Water Conservation Park Stop