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You’ll find all the information of riverside activities in Taipei on “Wonderful Playing in Taipei”

The whole new website “Wonderful Playing in Taipei” (together.taipei) is officially online now. On this website, all the detailed information on riverside activities in Taipei are included. No matter which riverside activities in Taipei, you can find them here. You won’t miss any favorite activities of yours. It’s great news for people who favor outdoor and riverside activities. 

In the Riverside Park, Taipei City, there are all sorts of outdoor activities happening throughout the year, for example the 2022 TOUR OF GRAND TAIPEI held by the Hydraulic Engineering Office, Dadaocheng Chinese Valentine's Day Fireworks held by the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei International Dragon Boat Competition held by the Department of Sports and many other important activities. In addition, there are also many riverside activities held by the private sector, such as feature road running, water experience activities (SUP, regatta, canoe, dragon boat, etc.), World Music Festival, S2O Taiwan Songkran Music Festival and other large-scale activities. On “Wonderful Playing in Taipei,” you can find information on all sorts of activities, such as leisure, entertainment, folklore, road running, water recreation activities, etc. 

In addition to the function of integrating information on activities to provide convenient information on Taipei City, the website also provides online application services of construction, site rental, temporary pass, cable pole attachment, etc. All the services provided by the Taipei City Government have been computerized. People can save their time of traveling to Taipei City Government when they intend to apply for various services. Just visit the website, people can already easily apply for the intended services. It is not only efficient but also environmental-friendly because of saving on paper. 

“Wonderful Playing in Taipei” not only provides information on exciting activities held at the Taipei City Riverside Park but also applications for various services. Welcome to visit the website and find the information that you want.