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Unveiling the Guanshan Riverside Park Playground!

The “Big Frog Small Hut” is the most popular children’s amusement facility at the Guanshan Riverside Park Playground!


Don't be fooled by its adorable look, it's full of secrets inside!


There are climbing nets, slopes, obstacle staircases... After the kids climb up using both their hands and feet, they can then make a cool descent from the frog's mouth slide. This adventurous journey is filled with excitement!


Taiwan’s original playground equipment – high quality!


Unlike traditional rides that are imported from overseas, this “Big Frog Small Hut” is 100% Made in Taiwan from design to production!


In the factory, stainless steel is cut and shaped into curved pipes, which are then welded together and transported to the job site for assembly. Then trimmed wood is cut and shaped piece by piece to create the Big Frog Hut, which is then painted.


No problem! Leave it to the pros!

We sincerely thank our hardworking construction team, “Guang Lian Construction Co., Ltd.” The construction progress is going smoothly, and we have reached 60% completion. Once the playground passes the required safety inspection, it will be open for everyone to enjoy.

When will it be open? Please stay tuned to our Facebook page, where our staff will make the announcement.


Venue: Tayou Door (Ji 6), 3-min walk