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New Embankment Mural Artwork “DAYDREAM TAIPEI” Unveiled near Dazhi Bridge in Dajia Riverside Park

With the completion of a new embankment in Taipei, a new mural artwork is making its debut next to the Dazhi Bridge. This time, the work takes inspiration from the annual international dragon boat race as its main theme while connecting Taipei's landmarks. The embankment spans over 400 meters in length and boasts of vibrant colors, creating a splendid spectacle that is sure to awe visitors.

The Hydraulics Engineering Office of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (HEO) pointed out that this embankment is located adjacent to Dazhi Bridge, which serves as both the starting and finishing point of the annual dragon boat race. Therefore, the embankment has adopted the dragon boat race as its theme, seamlessly blending the fervent passion of the competition with the diverse charm of Taipei city, aiming to establish a new landmark at the Dajia Riverside Park.

Artist Chia-Chang Yang explains that the artwork is named "DAYDREAM Taipei" because the work ingeniously integrates the dragon boat race and the many diverse aspects of Taipei city, presenting a unique style. The central figure, the Formosan Blue Magpie, is portrayed in a storyboard-like manner, weaving between the realms of reality and illusion. The composition divides the scene into different perspectives, resembling the art of cinematography in a movie, while vividly narrating the various facets of Taipei City. Amidst the fast-paced rhythm of the city, Chia-Chang Yang hopes that everyone can take a moment to daydream, sense the thrill of dragon boats racing and immerse themselves in the infinite charms of Taipei.

The HEO is promoting the “Taipei New Story Project,” embarking on a new chapter for riverside embankment artworks. For this project, artists from various backgrounds are actively collaborating to infuse their unique creative styles, crafting embankment artworks that capture local highlights. These embankment creations aim to transform the embankments into exclusive storybooks that connect the cherished memories of Taipei residents. Everyone is invited to explore the riverside and discover a different side of Taipei through these artistic expressions.