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New Embankment Mural Artwork in Neihu Tanmei Street Unveiled: Envisioning a Beautiful Future

A new embankment mural work has been unveiled by the Taipei New Story! Designed by artist Chen Yenchu, the mural employs a montage design to depict the history and transformation of the local area, as well as to convey the aspirations for a brighter future. Situated beneath the Chenggong Bridge on Tanmei Street, the mural is open for public viewing.

The mural is centered on the theme “Immersed in Beauty, Striving for a Beautiful Future.” Designer Chen Yenchu explains that as the urban landscape in the neighborhood evolves, so does the interaction within the community. These transformations aim to ensure the blissful happiness of every resident in the present moment. Therefore, the designer utilizes geometric compositions (vertical, horizontal, 45-degree angles, circles) along with intricate layers of colors to create a montage-style space and setting. This presentation vividly conveys happiness and aspirations for the future.

According to the Taipei Hydraulics Engineering Office (Taipei HEO), in line with the community's desires, the designer utilized fresh, bright colors to create the mural. The small hands holding flowers symbolize the wish for a bright future for the locality. The mural artwork has been completed and is now located beneath the Chenggong Bridge on Tanmei Street, offering a vibrant interplay of colors that is expected to become a captivating highlight for the area.

The "Taipei New Mural Art Project," initiated by the Taipei HEO, has been underway since 2020, marking nearly four years of artistic endeavors. The project has enlisted renowned artists to collaboratively participate, leveraging their unique creative styles to craft embankment walls that integrate local highlights. The beautification efforts from the years 2022 to 2023 have extended to various locations along the riverbanks, encompassing districts such as Wanhua, Songshan, Shilin, Neihu, and Wenshan. Together, these artistic endeavors have forged a fresh chapter in Taipei's riverside aesthetics.

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Designed by artist Chen Yenchu, this work incorporates geometric lines (vertical, horizontal, 45-degree angles, circles) in its composition. The intricate layers of colors, combined with a montage-style arrangement, create a space and setting where different elements coexist. This display vividly presents a range of joy and articulates hopes for the future.

The mural is situated beneath the Chenggong Bridge on Tanmei Street. We invite citizens to come and appreciate the stunning artwork

Theme: Immersed in Beauty, Striving for a Beautiful Future

Designer: Chen Yenchu

Location: Chenggong Bridge, Tanmei Street