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Paint freely – Starting from today, graffiti is opened in 7 riverside wall painting zones in Taipei City

The Hydraulic Engineering Office, Taipei City Government expressed that the 7 wall painting zones in Taipei Riverside Park have been painted clean lately. People are welcome to paint on the walls deliberately. 

Now, there are 7 wall painting zones in Taipei City. Among them, the largest one is located at the Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park, occupying the area of 2120 square meters. The second largest one is the wall painting zone at Guanshan Riverside Park in Songshan. In Meiti, Fuhe, Jingmei, and Chengmei Right Bank Riverside Parks, there are wall painting zones, the walls in which are painted with marvelous graffiti from time to time. 

The Hydraulic Engineering Office expressed that the walls in those parks will be painted clean every four months. After whitewashing the walls, they will be re-opened to the public to paint freely. In other words, their works will be kept and opened to the public for viewing for the period of 4 months at the longest. If there are indecent words and graphics, and/or political slogans, they will be erased immediately. It is hoped that by renewing them, it will motivate people to express their creativity in painting there. In addition, the views and cleanliness of the riverside will be maintained regularly. 

Now, all the wall painting zones in Taipei Riverside Parks have been painted clean. We welcome people to paint there. The office would like to remind people that the wall painting zone under Zhongshan Bridge at Bailing Right Bank Riverside Park has been closed temporarily because of its vicinity to the historic architecture of Zhongshan Bridge. Likewise, wall painting is not allowed there. The office would like to remind people not to paint there anymore. 

The Hydraulic Engineering Office would also like to remind people again that it is illegal to paint in areas not open for painting. People violating the regulations will be penalized. According to Item 2, Article 27 of the Waste Disposal Act “Pollution of grounds, ponds, ditches, walls, beams, poles, trees, roads, bridges, or other fixed objects on the ground,” the Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government will demand the actor to clean up the place and a fine between twelve hundred and six thousand New Taiwan Dollars shall be imposed in accordance with Article 50 of the same act. 

If people discover illegal graffiti that affects the cityscape, please report the cases via the Taipei Residents’ Hotline at 1999.