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Double the Honor! Hydraulic Engineering Office of Taipei City Government Won Two Taipei City Distinguished Public Construction Awards.

The Distinguished Public Construction Award, which represents the highest honor of public construction in Taipei City, was announced today. This year, the number of public construction projects in Taipei City is as many as 2,118. The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of Taipei City Government won two awards amid fierce competition. The Expansion Project of Qinli Bridge on Sifen Stream and the Guandu Riverside Park Landscaping Project both won the Award, which proved that the works performed by the HEO were recognized for their quality and commitment.

The HEO said that in response to the construction of the National Biotechnology Research Park in Nangang, it expanded Qinli Bridge in front of the Research Park. Qinli Bridge on Sifen Stream was originally a 10-meter wide bridge. As it is located by the entrance of the Research Park, the plan was to have it expanded like a fan-shaped bridge with a width from 15 meters to 25 meters in consideration of the traffic and view. After the Research Park is completed, there will be a beautiful entrance. Once the Research Park starts operating, it will be able to mitigate the traffic impact to the residents by Lane 12 of Academia Road Section 2.

The Public Works Section of the HEO pointed out that the project was jointly participated by San-Yi Construction Company (construction) and Chan’s Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd. (supervision). During the project period, the teams overcame difficulties and reduced the risk of flood potentially caused by dike construction. At the same time, they put in full efforts to communicate with the local residents, greatly reducing the disturbance to them in terms of the traffic and daily lives. In particular, the teams from the HEO collaborated with a local artist, Yingchuan Fu-Tung, to bake ceramic boards mimicking his paintings and put the old view of Nangang on the guardrails on both sides of Qinli Bridge for a unique look.
The Guandu Riverside Park Landscaping Project located in Beitou was also highly praised. The Public Works Section of the HEO said that the edge of the square in front of Guandu Temple used to have faults, and people would trip and get injured in large events held at the venue. This construction project aimed at leveling the square to greatly reduce the risk of people tripping over the faults, so that people can walk around safely, and the driving safety can be improved.

Besides this, the pavement of the square was old and had been severely damaged, so the HEO used patterns to dress up the pavement. Two 3D drawings and paintings of temples were painted on the pavement to fully incorporate temple elements and the local attractions. The pavement shows Guanyinshan overlooking the entire Guanyin Plain and Guandu Wharf, displaying an artistic conception of the mountain (Guanyinshan), water (Tamsui River) and temple (Guandu Temple). When people visit Guandu Riverside Park, they can overlook the sunset shining on the square if they go up to the observation deck of main hall of Thousand-Hand Guanyin of Guandu Temple.