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​Fun with riverside parks at the Tour of Taipei Challenge

This year, Taipei HEO organized the first riverside cycling challenge certification: Tour of Taipei. With only a bike and a mobile, citizens can finish the "Tour of Taipei" by checking in at the 12 points along the route.

The "Tour of Taipei" riverside cycling challenge certification adopts online registration without age limits (a mobile account is required) for free admission by the public. The "Duck Ride" with critical acclaim over the years will also be combined with this challenge certification during November 6 (Sat)-December 5 (Sun), 2021 for a period of 30 days. The event regulations and descriptions will be posted on the Taipei HEO Facebook fan club page and event website  (tests are in process and will go live at 08:00 on November 6). Cyclists and families are welcome to meet the challenge.

According to Taipei HEO, Taipei is a cycling-friendly city and there are well-planned bikeways and convenient bike rental centers at all riverside parks. Besides cycling, visitors can explore the coastal ecology and enjoy the facilities in the children’s playground or sportsground in each park. For more people to discover the beauty of the riverside parks in Taipei through "Tour of Taipei" riverside cycling challenge certification, 12 check-in points are planned along the riverside bikeways. By checking in all 12 points according to the event map and uploading a photo taken at any one of these points, citizens can get an electronic certificate of completion and a cool magic scarf after their photos are approved. The first 100 successful challengers can also get an exclusive "Tour of Taipei" stylish night lamp offered in a limited quantity.

The Taipei HEO added, to revitalize riverside parks and provide citizens with more quality services, some riverside facilities are open for private operations. Currently, there are bike rental centers, mobile diners, container marketplaces and river cruise piers. These business owners are also invited to the "reward program" of the event to encourage more citizens to meet the challenge to earn the chance to win an iPhone 13. If you feel like it, mount your bike and challenge the "Tour of Taipei" now!