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Grand Finale: Charm of Levee Wall Paintings at Dakeng Street and Zhongzhen River

The end of phase II of the “Taipei New Story” project is near and the works on the levee wall between the Zhongzhen River and Dakeng Street in Nangang District, are its highlights. These two absolutely gorgeous paintings were designed by artists including Jie-Min WU and rising artist Leho
According to the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), the levee wall painting on Dakeng Street near the Academia Sinica was made by Jie-Min WU, whose has also designed the Roaming Time Machine on Songhe Street in Yuzheng Village. Besides demonstrating local characteristics, Wu also presents the unique aesthetics of colors. In the Daken River levee wall painting, he has integrated the characteristics and research outcomes, including history, the humanities and different disciplines, of the Academia Sinica and the local eco-features to turn the levee into an art wall through creation.
In addition, Leho, the designer of the Snow Goose in the Zhongzheng Riverside Park and a publicly known artist, is good at depicting gigantic fancy beasts with fantasy-like brush strokes. Besides the beautiful works on the Evacuation Gate No. 5 at the Keelung River, Leho has made this work by means of the co-creation workshop, inviting locals to draw their local memories using wild geese as the theme to correspond to the little stream that used to be the home of fireflies in Yingxue Village. Through his idea, the levee is no more an artificial earthwork but a new chapter of the tale of Yingxue Village.
Currently, paintings have been completed in 14 attractions under the “Taipei New Story” project and the works at two more attractions are waiting for unveiling. As each work carries a new story of Taipei, after all stories are completed, citizens will find a colored egg hidden in these works. By linking all levees with this highlight, we hope to regain local identification. The “Taipei New Story” makes each levee unique and creates a picture book for local culture.
In addition, although the epidemic control level has been slightly lowered lately, citizens should always wear a facemask when visiting the riverside parks and do not litter their facemasks to prevent the pandemic from spreading and keep Taipei clean.