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2 more graffiti spaces added in Riverside Park in Taipei 

Where can we do graffiti legally in Taipei? The answer is Riverside Park in Taipei! The Taipei City Government's Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) added two more spaces for graffiti on the flood walls at Guanshan and the Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park. The one at the Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park is 2,119m2 large in area. They added up to 8 places for graffiti, with the total area of about 7,934m2. Recently, they were cleaned up again and opened to the public to paint graffiti on. Anyone is welcome to paint there. To avoid controversy, political slogans and indecent words and graphics are prohibited. If there are any, the HEO will paint them out. 
The HEO has said that since 2007, the flood walls have been opened to the public to do graffiti on. By the end of last year, there were 6 graffiti zones in Taipei City. In this year, 2 more graffiti spaces were added, topping up the areas on the original 4,542m2. With the unprecedented total areas for graffiti, there are now 8 graffiti zones, with a total of 8,110m2. 

The River Administration Section of the HEO pointed out that the newly added graffiti zone at the Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park has an area of 2120m2. It has become the largest graffiti space, outstanding the one at the Chengmei Right Bank Riverside Park. People can enter this place from the Keelung River Evacuation Gate No.3 at the direction of Chenggong Bridge from the right bank of Keelung River. In addition, the newly added Guanshan graffiti wall has an area of 1,450m2. People can get there from the Evacuation Gate No.5 on Mingsheng East Road. Just walk for about 20 meters, and you'll be there. 

The HEO emphasized that the graffiti zones on the flood walls provided by Taipei City are totally free. No advance application is needed. However, if there are any political slogans or indecent words and graphics, the office will clean them up promptly.

In addition, in April, August, and December every year, the HEO will whitewash all the walls in the graffiti zones and reopen them when the whitewashing is finished, so that people in favor of graffiti can paint there freely.

In addition to the newly added graffiti zones at Guanshan and the Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park, there are other 6 graffiti zones: Yingfeng, about 1,310m2 (at the location about 500m from the upper stream of Keelung River near the Evacuation Gate No. 7 accessible from Mingshui Road); Meiti, about 780m2 (embankment on the right of Mingshui Road); the Bailing Right Bank, about 480m2 (accessible from the bikeway at Yuanshan Riverside Park under Zhongshan Bridge); Fuhe, about 360m2 (accessible from Jingmei Evacuation Gate No. 2); Jingmei, about 200m2 (the culvert wall under Beixin Bridge); and the Chengmei Right Bank at Riverside Park, about 1410m2 (accessible from Keelung River Evacuation Gate No. 13 in the direction of Chenggong Bridge). 

The 8 graffiti zones in Taipei have been whitewashed and re-opened recently. People that love to do graffiti can take their opportunities to paint there and have their creativity unleashed, adding more new pictures on the flood walls.

In addition, the HEO would like to remind people that if they paint at places other than the public graffiti zone, it will be a violation of the law. The Department of Environmental Protection will penalize those people in accordance with Subparagraph 2, Article 27 of the Waste Disposal Act, "the polluting of the ground, pools of water, drainage gutters, walls, beams or pillars, utility poles, trees, roadways, bridges or other fixed structures." In addition to demanding the conduct person to clean up the place, they will be fined a sum of NT$1,200 to 6,000 in accordance with Article 50 of the same act.