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The "Yucheng Pumping Station Renewal Equipment engineering project" by the HEO won the Golden Quality Award 2019 from the Executive Yuan

The "Yucheng Pumping Station Renewal Equipment engineering" by the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of the Taipei City Government won the excellent award in the facility category of the "Public Construction Golden Quality Award". The latter has long been crowned "the Oscar of the construction industry" and symbolized the champion of national public work quality. 

The HEO noted that the Yucheng Pumping Station is aimed to drain the Xinyi, Nangang, and Songshan districts of Taipei City. With great attention by competent authority, design firm, construction contractor, and supervision unit, and intensive engineering in the non-flood season, the work was completed by November 2019 in spite of heavy rains brought by extreme weather throughout the construction period. Winning the excellent award in facility category of the 19th Public Construction Golden Quality Award not only recognizes the HEO's efforts in improving construction quality but also set a good example for Taipei City pumping stations' equipment renewal and installation projects in future. 

The HEO suggests that, being the largest one in Southeast Asia, the Yucheng Pumping Station is designed with a capacity of 234 m3/sec per individual units which is equivalent to pumping out the water of a standard international swimming pool every 10 seconds. By renewing 7 pumping units there, the total capacity is updated. After the update, the total draining performance is effectively raised to 12.6cms. On top of this is the new remote monitoring system which is aimed (and tested successfully) to auto start the station with interlocked units, without early warning and manual control, subject to water level information by the flood status system, to protect the safety of citizens there. 

The Public Works Section of the HEO pointed out that this is a "work of designing and making at the same time", and so it is very challenging. In addition, flooding remains a threat when replacing the older units with newer ones. The renewal project is running in stages to ensure each unit replacement is completed before the next flood season to address the gap in flood protection. In addition, the effective working period may be hampered by typhoons, plum rain, and other weather conditions. To finish the work earlier and protect life and the property safety of people living in Taipei City, the HEO has demanded the contractor speed up the project by aligning with weather conditions and tide changes in good weather to reduce the impact on work schedule by the weather.

The Yucheng Pumping Station employs environment friendly diesel engines for better ecological protection. These engines are IMOII/EPA Tier2 (by the American Environmental Protection Agency) exhaust standard compliant and feature energy saving and carbon reduction to reduce exhaust pollution and complaints from nearby residents. In addition, they work with the simulation software (Cadna A) approved by the Environmental Protection Administration to simulate the impact of noise by the equipment operation on neighboring communities and propose effective noise prevention measures.

Existing units' training cone and mouth of suction bells are iron-clad concrete and had limited construction space while requiring long construction period. Renewal of the first unit took more than twice the time expected to remove the training cones let alone the noise by the commonly adopted chiseling operation. The contractor then changed to the innovative diamond wire saw to cut them which not only halved the construction period scheduled, but also eliminated most construction noise to minimize noise suffered by the neighboring community.

As most failures of units in the past were caused by sinking pump shafts which, in turn, lead to the overall equipment damage, the renewed system employs equipment mounted vibration monitoring and diagnosis devices to improve equipment availability. This is a very advanced concept in domestic pump units and is beneficial in early anomaly detection, maintenance and service scheduling, and flood prevention. 

Differing from normal pumping stations, the Yucheng Pumping Station mandates a pump model for performance optimization test and design as its draining capacity has outrun the scale for a physical test at the manufacturer's site. To build the model (scaled down from the physical one), a field survey is required for inspection and dimension measurement as its suction channel of each unit are concrete made. Comprehensive operation training programs have been conducted for station personnel during the construction period to enable them become familiar with the maintenance operations of the pumping unit and optimize Yucheng Pumping Station's performance. 

The HEO stresses that the Yucheng Pumping Station has been running for 32 years since 1987, thanks to station personnel's hard working and relentless contribution, the replaced equipment of unit 5 shall be stationed in the flood control experience park as another interactive environment training device for the general public. This would enable citizens to get familiar with pumping units and pass the hard-learnt history to generations to come.