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One more twilight scene has been added to Taipei City –the broadening of Hougang Bridge 1 & 2 has been completed 

Hougang Bridge 1 & 2 are the major passages in Riverside Park by Bailing Riverside Park. The Taipei City Government's Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) closed the bridges in June last year to widen them, aiming to improve the settlements on the surfaces and the problem of acute turns. As they are broadened, the transportation is smoother, allowing recuse vehicles to go through. In the first half of January this year, the construction project was completed and opened for transportation. The newly constructed viewing platform provides people an ideal place to watch the sunset.
The Public Works Section, HEO pointed out that there were many settlements on the surface of the old bridges and turns with acute angles. It affected the transportation for both vehicles and pedestrians, casuing certain danger and discomfort to cyclists. As the widening project was completed, the surrounding routes were readjusted. The viewing platform connects Hougang Bridge 1 & 2, providing a smoother route, which promotes the safety of road users. 

In addition, the view from Hougang Bridge 1 and Hougang Bridge 2 is great. Located at the confluence of the Keelung and Waishuangxi, people can overlook the landscape at the confluence of Keelung River and Waishuangxi. In this construction project, a slope is extended to the newly built viewing platform, which provides people an ideal scenic spot for watching sunsets. After the broadening of Hougang Bridge 1 & 2, it provides rescue teams an important passage from Bailing Riverside Park to Shuangxi on disaster rescue missions after typhoons and heavy showers. It effectively promotes the efficiency and capacity of rescue missions.

The HEO expressed that after the bridge was closed in June last year, during the construction, a temporary bicycle tow way leading to the embankment top was built. People were suggested to detour in the direction of Shuangxi and Danshui. As the construction was completed, it was reopened for road users and the route resumed normal activity. Vehicles can drive directly through the bridges. The office would like to thank people for their support and patience during the construction.