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Beautiful Scenery of Neihu Riverbank for a Holiday Destination

The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of Taipei City Government has completed the embankment painting along Tanmei Street and Anmei Street. The lively waterfront scenery was applied on the embankment to create visual appreciation. Nanhu Riverside Park (Right Side) near the embankment is also a good place to visit during holidays.

According to the River Engineering Section of the HEO, the waterfront scenery was drawn in bright colors centering on the concept of “opening the embankment for a riverside view”. This shows the local distinct buildings and the impressive Huandong Boulevard and riverside scenery.

Nanhu Riverside Park (Right Side) is near the embankment. It is covered by a large area of turf available for everyone to play on. People can ride bicycles and jog and run and exercise with their pets around the park. It is also good for kiting together with children and one of the best locations to view the Taipei 101 building. Neihu Restoration Park, Hu Lu Zhou Sports Park and Tanmei Dog Park nearby are also good places to visit for holiday recreation.

The embankment wall is located by the intersection of Tanmei Street and Anmei Street. It measures 40 meters in length and a total area of 200 square meters. We welcome everyone to come and visit.