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Effective August 1, 2006, the Maintenance Office of Taipei City Government's Public Works Department is reorganized and renamed as the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO). The restructuring is to achieve a better division of specialization and a uniformity of authorization in public administration.

The new HEO is responsible for administering the construction, management, and maintenance of city facilities related to rivers, water sewers, and pumping stations. The office is also responsible for the management of riverbanks and riverside parks. The top priority of the HEO is to strengthen flood controls and rainfall discharge functions of the city. This is to ensure human lives and properties are protected and economic activities in Taipei can operate and develop continuously without disruption.

There are 315 positions listed for the HEO. The total number of employees and technicians currently employed is 896 people.

Deputy Director
  Chief Secretary
  Senior Specialist
  Chief Engineer, Assistant Chief Engineer
    General Planning Section
    River Engineering Section
    River Administration Section
    Sewage Engineering Section
    Public Works Section
    Quality Assurance & Work Safety Section
    Pumping Stations Section I
    Pumping Stations Section II
    Systems Administration
    Administrative Services
    Accounting Office
    Personnel Office
    Government Ethics Office